Freaky Friday Words

It’s Friday!  (I can hear you cheering now.)   That means it’s time for Freaky Friday Words!  What are Freaky Friday Words?  They are words that your author feels sound funny, look funny and/or just plain get to me for some reason or other.  LOL  As my weekend gift to you, I’m going to give you three words you can amaze, dazzle and confound your friends with at your parties and get-togethers.   Here we go. . .

The first word is USUFRUCT.   Isn’t that some word?  Here’s the skinny on USUFRUCT:

USUFRUCT  (yoo ze frukt)–the legal right to fully use something that belongs to another as long as it is not damaged or destroyed. 

USUFRCTUARY is both the adjective form and means one who owns such property.

On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t show off to your friends with this one.  They will be into your stuff big time!

Now this one sounds like something it surely isn’t! 

AFFLATUS (uh-FLAY-tuhs)–A divine imparting of knowledge; inspiration.

Afflatus is from Latin afflatus, past participle of afflare, “to blow at or breathe on,” from ad-, “at” + flare, “to puff, to blow.” Other words with the same root include deflate (de-, “out of” + flare); inflate (in-, “into” + flare); souffle, the “puffed up” dish (from French souffler, “to puff,” from Latin sufflare, “to blow from below,” hence “to blow up, to puff up,” from sub-, “below” + flare); and flatulent.  (Admit it.  You knew that one had to be in there somewhere, right? 🙂 )

And now for my favorite Freaky Friday word:

OGDOAD (og doe ad)–the number eight or a group or set of eight.

And I always thought the prefix for eight was “oct.”  You learn something new every day!  Just imagine telling your friends you’re stuck behind the “ogdoad ball.”  Hmmm. . .

I will search for more Freaky Friday words for next week.  Meanwhile, go practice using USUFRUCT, AFFLATUS and OGDOAD in a sentence so you’ll be ready to impress your friends!


(NOTE:  The definitions of Usufruct and Ogdoad are courtesy of Steven Fantina’s Word of the Day ezine.  You can sign up for your own copy at:   The definition and derivation of Afflatus is from the Vocabulary ezine published by  There are all types of ezines available at that site to increase your knowledge in many fields, not to mention some great cartoon strips!)

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